Flower Festival in Genzano – Pas de Deux

  • Choreographer: August Bournonville
  • Music: Edvard Helsted
  • Costumes: Janet Marie Groom; built in the PBT Costume Shop under the direction of Ms. Groom
  • Lighting: Pat Simmons 1980; Julie Duro
  • World Premiere: Royal Danish Ballet, 1858
  • PBT Performance Date: January 18-20, 1980; April 2006. May 20, 22, 27, 2021. Open air performances using PBT mobile stage at Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, PA.

Program Notes

The Bournonville style of ballet is joyful and athletic, with buoyant jumps and quick footwork. The carriage of the upper body is distinctive: arms are often held low and rounded and a focus on “épaulement,” the positioning of the shoulders. Bournonville’s aesthetic is also egalitarian, with choreography and stage time shared equally between men and women. This fresh and charming pas de deux is one of the most-loved of Bournonville’s works.