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We count our subscribers among our biggest fans and most loyal advocates. This season take your subscription to the next level with our new Platinum Subscribers program. With a $100 investment in Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, we invite you to elevate your involvement and enjoy benefits that bring you closer to the art form you love.

Platinum Subscribers enjoy our premier benefits including:

  • Concierge Service: Enjoy specialized ticketing and customer service. Whether you’d like to renew, exchange or redeem your benefits, we have a dedicated representative ready to assist at your convenience.
  • Early Seating Privileges: Gain early access to the theater before doors open to the public, and view the company’s onstage ballet class before the performance (available for select dates).
  • Behind-the-Scenes Access:  Look forward to your invitation to private events where you can meet the artists, hear from Artistic Director Terrence S. Orr and view a company rehearsal  in PBT Studios.
  • Honor Roll Recognition: Inspire others with name recognition in a Platinum Subscribers honor roll listing in each performance program, plus enjoy a special place on the PBT website.

While you’re enjoying your enhanced theater experience, know that your investment is in motion – bringing ballet into elementary school classrooms, investing in new repertory for future seasons and supporting scholarships for the next-generation dancers of PBT School.

Join our growing base of Platinum Subscribers using our secure online form or by calling 412-454-9127.

PBT extends special thanks its 2017-2018 Season Platinum Subscribers.


  • Dr. Ralph T. Shuey & Rebecca L. Carlin
  • Celeste & Gary Acinapura
  • Leanne S. & Paul M. Adamo
  • Mr. & Mrs. Harry S. Albert
  • Tom & Julie Arma
  • Gregory & Lisa Baker
  • Ms. Tara Baptiste
  • Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Beukema, Sr.
  • Jann M. Johnston
  • Philip M. Bratten
  • Mrs. Gwyneth S. Brautigam in memory of Ernest A. Brautigam
  • Mr. & Mrs. Marvin A. Brown
  • Mr. & Mrs. S. David Cifrulak
  • Gail E. Cooper
  • Mrs. Katherine Cooper
  • Dr. Robert T. Downs
  • R. Craig & Cynthia Coulter
  • Mary Jane Edwards
  • Mrs. Carolyn P. Eshelman
  • Jim & Linda Farmerie
  • Dr. Patricia D. Fedorka
  • Mr. & Mrs. Karl Fox
  • Miss Barbara Gehshan
  • Ellen T. Kaplan-Goldstein
  • Alan Helgerman & Sandra Lapietra
  • Dr. Kevin Ho
  • Dr. R. Donald Hoffman
  • Maria Hunt
  • Michael Hunter & Scott J. Donaldson
  • Hendrick & Heather Penn
  • Kimberlee & Jay Kafana
  • The Kane-Mainier Family
  • Marge Kane
  • Elizabeth Kaplan
  • Mrs. Sandra Kaplan
  • Arthur J. Kerr, Jr.
  • Ms. Marilyn Koch
  • Lois & Irv Liberman
  • Mr. & Mrs. David Longhini
  • William & Mary Markle
  • Elissa Marquez
  • Jason & Leena Matthews
  • Ms. E. Carol Maxwell
  • Todd & Rose McEnroe
  • Janice & Joseph Miknevich
  • Ms. Donna J. Nedelk
  • Prof. Peter Oh
  • Katy Perrin
  • John Hooper & Gail Pesyna
  • Mr. & Mrs. Craig Pittman
  • Ms. Marilyn & David Posner
  • Linda Potter
  • Dr. & Mrs. Wilfred T. Rouleau
  • Heather Rowda
  • Kathleen Sandoe & Daniel Ready
  • Ann Beyer Vaughn
  • George Shaner & Michael Philopena
  • James & Barbara Steffy
  • Ms. Cristen A. Stephansky
  • Charlotte M. Stephenson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick A. Steward
  • Karen & Don Stump
  • Ms. Maria A. Swanson
  • Revs. A and A Teter
  • Dr. Scott Thayer
  • Kerrie Tonet-Berlin & Christopher Berlin
  • John Vargo
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alan Veoni
  • Jana, Andrea, & George Walczak
  • Dr. Janet Lois Walker
  • Priscilla Ware
  • Clifford Willis
  • Brandi Wyskocil