Our alumni can be found in the rosters of professional dance companies across the country.

Our Alumni community encompasses an exceptional group of artists who have become professional dancers or gone on to pursue a variety of other career paths. Each year PBTS is proud to see our students join professional companies and excel in collegiate programs. More than 70 percent of our own Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre company dancers are PBT School alumni.

Our 2022-2023 roster of former PBTS dancers in

Companies includes 67 artists:

Gavin AbercrombieKansas City Ballet | Anna AckermanNew York State Ballet | Ross AllenNational Ballet of Canada | Corey BourbonnierePittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Soloist | Jonathan BreightPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Corps de Ballet | Christian García CamposPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Corps de Ballet | Edward CarrAustin Ballet | Erin CasalePittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Corps de Ballet | Katlyn CecilMilwaukee Ballet II | Alison CervantesTulsa Ballet II | Ava ChattersonSacramento Ballet | Ariana ChernyshevPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Apprentice | Amanda CochranePittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Principal | Audra CockrellAlabama Ballet Company | Anwen DavidBallet Memphis | Thomas Davidoff  – Atlanta Ballet | Danielle DowneyPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Corps de Ballet | Celeste GaieraRichmond Ballet | James GilmerAlvin Ailey | Madeline GradlePittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Apprentice | Ava GriebleCharlottesville Ballet | Marisa GrywalskiPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Soloist | Jack Hawn Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Corps de Ballet | Amy HerchenroetherSaint  Louis Ballet | Cecilia HernadezPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Apprentice | Massanoa ItoBallet Frontier | Maine Kawashima Tulsa Ballet | Dylan KeeneSacramento Ballet | Christina LaForgia MorseCincinnati Ballet | Haley MauldinLexington Ballet Company | Perry MeadorsBallet Frontier | Colin McCaslinPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Soloist | Caitlin McElroyAtlantic City Ballet | Nicole McGuinessNew Chamber Ballet | Caitlyn MendicinoPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Corps de Ballet | Maia MontgomeryNashville Ballet, Apprentice | Amanda MorganPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Corps de Ballet | Ellie MorrisRoyal Danish Ballet | Luke MosherPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Apprentice | Dani Moya Manassas Ballet Theatre | Yoshiaki NakanoPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Principal | Rachel NashRichmond Ballet, Apprentice | Tommie Lin O’HanlonPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Soloist | Joseph ParrPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Corps de Ballet | Sophie PowellTexture Contemporary Ballet | Abigail RichardsBallet Frontier | Emilia SandovalBallet Memphis | JoAnna Schmidt  – Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Soloist | Isabella SeoBallet Arizona | Sean SessionsSaint Louis Ballet | Kurtis SprowlsPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Corps de Ballet | Sierra Stipetich Virginia National Ballet | Jacqueline SugiantoMilwaukee Ballet II | Masanori TakiguchiWashington Ballet | Gabrielle ThurlowPittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Soloist | Eliana TolentinoBallet Spartanburg | Anna TuraniRochester City Ballet | Isabella Velasquez Sacramento Ballet | Harry WarshawWashington Ballet, Studio Company | Victoria WatfordBalletMet | Ashely WegmannAtlanta Ballet | Dominique WendtSacramento Ballet | Marisa WhitemanKansas City Ballet | Rina YamaguchiAtlantic City Ballet | Patrick YocumBoston Ballet, Principal Dancer | Diana YohePittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Soloist | Hannah ZinnMetropolitan Opera Ballet

Calling all PBT School Alumni!

Whether you’re now dancing professionally or have pirouetted to another path, we’d love to hear your memories of PBT School and your thoughts about how your time here has resonated in your life after leaving. Click here to learn more.

Alumni Spotlight

Principal Dancers Amanda Cochrane & Yoshiaki Nakano

PBT principals, and PBT School alumni, Amanda Cochrane & Yoshiaki Nakano performing in La Bayadere.
PBT principals, and PBT School alumni, Amanda Cochrane & Yoshiaki Nakano performing in La Bayadère

Named among Dance Magazine’s “25 to Watch” in 2013 and 2014 respectively, Amanda Cochrane and Yoshiaki Nakano were recruited into the company from PBT School’s Graduate Program. Both dancers were promoted to principal dancer in 2014. Since then, they’ve danced leading roles in Swan Lake, Giselle, La Bayadère and The Sleeping Beauty, among others.

“Where Are They Now?” – Conversations with PBT School Alumni

Get to know some of PBT School’s alumni and learn about the careers they’ve developed after their time with the School. In the “Where Are They Now?” project PBT School aims to stay connected with alumni and share their school and career experiences with the PBT School community.

Meet Our Alumni Family


  • Allison Durand, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Erin Casale, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Areum Jeong, Ajkun Ballet Theatre
  • Audra Cockrell, Grand Rapids Ballet
  • Caitlin Bond, CATS on Broadway
  • Ethan Rieder, Timothy Tristan Dance Company
  • Grace Umberger, The Florida Ballet
  • Hikaru Hommoto, Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida
  • Isichel Perez Rivero, Nashville Ballet II
  • Jack Hawn, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Jui-Chen Lee, Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida
  • Magali Johnston-Viens, Palm Beach Ballet
  • Misha Glouchkova, Washington Ballet
  • Perry Meadors, Ballet Frontier
  • Sakura Akao, Milwaukee Ballet II


  • Julia Adams, Teacher at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Violet Rose Arma,  Ballet Tucson
  • Carly Baker, Oklahoma City Ballet
  • Kelsey Boyle, State Street Ballet
  • Jonathan Breight, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Wyatt Brown, Georgia State University
  • Carmen Callahan, American Contemporary Ballet
  • Yu-Chieh Chao, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Chloe Davis, Oklahoma City Ballet
  • Brian Dunning, Dayton Ballet
  • Christian García Campos, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Alexandra Hugo, Avant Chamber Ballet
  • Tommie Kesten, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Ingrid Lewis, Grand Rapids Ballet
  • Hannah Lipman, American Repertory Ballet
  • Colin McCaslin, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Caitlyn Mendicino, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre 
  • Aerys Merrill, Ballet Memphis
  • Alena Marie Miller, Teacher at Fusion Fitness & Dance
  • Chloe Morales, Emerson College
  • Maicon Oliveira, Ellison Ballet
  • Sean Sullivan, Minnesota Ballet


  • Taylor Bibee, Rochester City Ballet
  • Madeline Clark, Appalachian State University
  • Ryan Corbett, Rochester City Ballet
  • Erinn Crittenden, Cleveland Ballet
  • Annika Dalbratt, Ballet Idaho
  • Shiochi Eino, State Opera Ruse Ballet 
  • Tyler Ferraro, Louisville Ballet
  • Mackenzie Fey, Avant Chamber Ballet
  • Katherine Hodges, Tampa Ballet Theatre
  • Brian Hunter, First State Ballet Theatre
  • Masanao Ito, Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida 
  • Natasha Nast, Palmetto City Ballet
  • Daniela O’Neil, Complexions Contemporary Ballet
  • Emilia Sandoval, Ballet Memphis
  • Masanori Takaguchi, Washington Ballet
  • Kai Tobinaga, NBA Ballet Company
  • David Waisman, Temecula Ballet


  • Morganne Campbell, Auburn University
  • Ashley Canupp, University of Pittsburgh
  • Emilie Forest, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Morgan Froehlich, University of Pittsburgh
  • Caroline Hudson, Ballet Tuscon
  • Daniela Moya, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Virginia National Ballet Company
  • Samuel Opsal, Ballet 5:8
  • Amanda Potts, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre 
  • Will Robichaud, Eugene Ballet Company
  • Masaki Takada, State Opera Rousse
  • Danelle Tucker, Ballet Tucson 
  • Victoria Watford, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Hui-Yi Wen, Atlantic City Ballet 
  • Addison Wright, Mayo Clinic
  • Rachel Yinger, Roanoke Ballet Theatre


  • Aviana Adams, Los Angeles Ballet
  • Margot Aknin, Ballet Met II
  • Jessica Cobb, Louisville Ballet (trainee)
  • Claire Gavin, Oklahoma City Ballet
  • Carly Hambridge, Nevada Ballet Theatre (trainee)
  • Jessica McCann, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Rowan Reyes, Texas Ballet Theatre (trainee)
  • Keito Shimomura, Teatrul Ballet Sibiu
  • Emily Simpson, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Caroline Wilde, Ballet Evolution
  • Lily Wills, Carolina Ballet (trainee)
  • Miles Sollars-White, Carolina Ballet
  • Kurtis Sprowls, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre


  • Christian Crawford, Nashville Ballet II
  • Lexie Ehmann, Sarasota Ballet
  • Marisa Grywalski, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (promoted to soloist)
  • Masahiro Haneji, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (promoted to soloist)
  • Aja Jaques, The Royal Ballet – Tivoli Gardens, Denmark
  • Dominique Jenssen, Rochester City Ballet
  • Maine Kawashima, Tulsa Ballet
  • Michaela King, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Mizuki Kubota, Teatrul National de Opera si Balet, Romania
  • Erin Kuwabara, Alabama Ballet
  • Colby Lewis, Cincinnati Ballet (trainee)
  • Bethany Lowrie, Suzanne Farrell Ballet
  • Caroline McDonald, Nevada Ballet Theatre
  • Sean Sessions, Cincinnati Ballet II
  • Rachel Smith, Nashville Ballet II
  • Rachel Thalman, Cincinnati Ballet (trainee)
  • Beatriz Tosta, Atlantic City Ballet
  • Isabella Velasquez, Sacramento Ballet


  • Alixandra Kish, Lexington Ballet
  • Amy Herchenroether, St. Louis Ballet
  • Anwen David, Memphis Ballet
  • Diana Yohe, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (promoted to soloist)
  • Elenora Morris, National Ballet of Canada, Royal Danish Ballet
  • Itsuki Shimada, Columbia Classical Ballet
  • Kayleigh Danowski, Montgomery Ballet
  • Kyoji Shimomura, Atlantic City Ballet
  • MacKenzie Quinn, San Diego Ballet
  • Marino Saito, Columbia Classical Ballet
  • Paige Robinson, Eugene Ballet Company
  • Saho Shibayama, New National Ballet of Japan
  • Takeaki Miura, Atlantic City Ballet


  • Takayuki Asai, Arts Ballet Theater of Florida
  • Corey Bourbonniere, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (promoted to soloist)
  • John Brewer, Richmond Ballet II
  • Toshiki Homma, Columbia Classical Ballet
  • Carrington Lorenz, Richmond Ballet II
  • Hillary Pyo, Georgia Ballet
  • JoAnna Schmidt, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (promoted to soloist)
  • Saya Tanishiki, Columbia Classical Ballet
  • Rina Yamaguchi, Atlantic City Ballet
  • Yukina Yasuhara, Arts Ballet Theater of Florida


  • Ellany Abbott, Oklahoma City Ballet
  • Melissa Dooley, Alabama Ballet
  • James Gilmer, Cincinnati Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre
  • Olivia Kelly, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Kelsey Jo Harrison, North Carolina Dance Theatre
  • Tina LaForgia, North Carolina Dance Theatre
  • Jake Lowenstein, Ballet Idaho


  • Ava Chatterson, Sacramento Ballet
  • Becca Cross, Rochester City Ballet
  • Kelly Ford, Sacramento Ballet
  • Christina Gratton, Boston University
  • Ted Henderson, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Erik Johnson, Rochester City Ballet
  • Kristie Latham, Ballet Met
  • Katie Miller, Sacramento Ballet
  • Yoshiaki Nakano, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (promoted to principal)
  • Jordan Richardson, Nevada Ballet Theater, Ballet West
  • Amber Runyan, North Carolina Dance Theatre, Georgia Ballet
  • Casey Taylor, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Amanda Whites, Dance Theatre of Tennessee
  • Meghan Wright, Sacramento Ballet
  • Molly Wright, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre


  • Elizabeth Ashbaugh, Louisville Ballet
  • Amanda Cochrane, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (promoted to principal)
  • Ashley Hamann, Ballet Quad City, Missouri Ballet Theatre
  • Jayme Leach, Georgia Ballet
  • Caitlin McElroy, Atlantic City Ballet
  • Ana Porter, Columbia City Ballet
  • Benjamin Rabe, Rochestra City Ballet, Ballet Met
  • Amanda Radetzky, Victoria Ballet
  • Kelsy Schneider, Rochester City Ballet
  • Benjamin Tucker, Richmond Ballet
  • Kirsten Wipperfeld, Richmond Ballet


  • Steven Bain, Ballet Idaho
  • Sonja Davenport, Cincinnati Ballet (trainee)
  • Devon Darrow, Richmond Ballet (trainee)
  • Shannon Hokanson, Lousville Ballet
  • Kelly Jarrell, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Corynn Miller, Rochester City Ballet
  • Joseph Parr, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Patrick Yokum, Boston Ballet II, Boston Ballet
  • Jessica Wheeler, Louisville Ballet (trainee)


  • Gauen Alexander, Alabama Ballet
  • Alexis Antolic, Louisville Ballet
  • Kaleb Baker, Ballet Quad Cities
  • Kelsey Bartman, Nashville Ballet
  • Allison Debona, Ballet West (promoted to soloist)
  • Patrick DesRosiers, Ballet Quad Cities
  • Danielle Downey, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Sasha Edelman, Ballet Arizona
  • Laurie Lou Garside, Richmond Ballet
  • Alana Gergerich, Omaha Theater Ballet
  • Temple Kemezis, Connecticut Ballet
  • Emily Long, Ballet Quad Cities
  • Gabrielle Thurlow, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (promoted to soloist)
  • Brittany Waggy, Ballet Quad Cities
  • Kelly Walsh, Alabama Ballet
  • Ashley Wegmann, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Ballet Met
  • Aleksandr York, Omaha Theatre Ballet


  • Nicholas Coppula, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Twyla Tharp Dance
  • Roberto Curti, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Michelle Joy, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Metropolitan Opera
  • Eva Trapp, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (soloist), Twyla Tharp Dance
  • Kimberly  Tasote, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
  • Brienne Wiltse, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre