Private Training


Pilates is the conditioning method of choice for professional dancers. At Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Pilates clients enjoy the same high-quality, individualized instruction as our company members. These exercises create a sleek, toned body while promoting strength, flexibility and agility. Other benefits include better coordination, balance and breathing. The studio is fully equipped with a reformer, cadillac, tower and chair.

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TRX is a suspension-training tool used to perform functional, body-weight exercises. Add TRX to your fitness routine to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. This full-body workout can be modified to suit all levels .

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The Gyrotonic Method, which was created by a professional dancer,  improves full-body strength and movement efficiency. The exercises are designed to flow in a sequence that allows free range of motion in the joints without any impact.  

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Benefits of Private Training

  • Hands-on assistance and personalized attention
  • Guided instruction from certified instructors through carefully crafted, unique exercises
  • Injury prevention and support for athletes in recovery or with limitations
  • Achievement of fitness goals in an encouraging environment

To schedule a Private, Duet, or Trio session, call Kristy Boyle at 412-454-9137 or email


Comfortable, close-fitting athletic attire, free of large buttons, belts, snaps and zippers. Socks required for equipment; sticky socks recommended.


Private Session: $62
5-Session Card: $300
10-Session Card: $570
20-Session Card: $1,060

Duet Session: $42/person
5-Session Card: $200/person
10-Session Card: $370/person

Trio Session: $35/person
5-Session Card: $165/person
10-Session Card : $300/person

New Client Specials
First FIVE Private sessions: $250
First FIVE Duet sessions: $175/person

* Pricing is subject to change. All session cards are valid six months from issue date. Cards are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Exceptions include medical reasons only. For Duet and Trio sessions, you will need to have one (Duet) or two (Trio) partner(s), and all participants should have a comparable training level.

Reminders & Policies

  • All scheduling and payments are made in advance. Payments can be made by phone at 412-281-6727 or in person at the PBT front desk.
  • 24-hour cancellation policy: cancelling a session less than 24 hours before scheduled time will result in forfeiture of your session. In the event of sudden illness or emergency, the fee may be waived at the discretion of studio personnel.
  • If one partner of a duet session is late or cancels, the canceling client forfeits their portion of the duet unless the remaining client volunteers to pay for the private session.