Elementary Creative Movement Educators’ Resource Guide

Welcome to PBT’s Creative Movement Residency

Welcome to our Creative Movement Portal – a resource for educators who are participating in our 9-week residency in Creative Movement!

What is Creative Movement?

Creative movement is just that: moving our bodies in a creative way and requires no formal dance training. Creative movement classes are designed to encourage a child’s imagination and exploration through guided movement exercises.

How can Creative Movement help my students?

The primary goals of creative movement classes are for each child to develop an enjoyment of movement and learn how to control their moving bodies. Classes can also help your student:

  • develop inhibitory control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility
  • awaken their five senses
  • developing literacy skills
  • develop healthy physical activity habits
  • gain positive self-awareness, social skills, and overall brain power

What’s the process?

Community Education Coordinator Kerra Alexander will contact you to schedule your residency. The sections below outline the process throughout the residency.

  • Step 1: Registration and Pre-Residency Survey

    • Forms to be completed prior the start of your residency.
  • Step 2: Curriculum & Planning  

    • Look over the activity descriptions. Pick out three activities that you would be interested in learning for the creative movement instructor to model. 
  • Step 3: Post-Residency Survey

    • Survey to be completed following the conclusion of the residency.

Elementary Creative Movement Residency is generously funded by the PA Education Improvement Tax Credit Program.

Step 1 – Registration and Pre-Residency Survey

We are excited to have you on board for our 2019-2020 residencies. Please complete the registration and pre-residency survey linked below.

Please complete the form in the link to register your class for PBT’s Creative Movement Residency.



Step 2 – Planning and Curriculum 

Now that you have completed your planning meeting with Community Education Coordinator Kerra Alexander, we can begin our second step, which will take a little time.

First, please review our packet of activity suggestions for you and your students.


Next, complete our planning form to confirm which activities fit best in your classroom.



Step 3 – Post-Residency Survey

Please complete the Post-Residency Survey below, so that we can continue to bring you exciting and educational programming.


Resource Library

Thank you very much for agreeing to participate in our creative movement residency!