Grand Assemblé en Tournant

PBT Comes Together, Turning to New Forms of Connection

Ballet is not meant solely for the stage. Dance is meant to be shared, and in this time of great change, it’s dance that can bring us all together. In ballet, a “grand assemblé en tournant” is a spectacular step that unites “assemblé,” or joining together, with a grand turn in the air. In this extraordinary time, we are still able to come together, turning to new forms of connection to share the power of our art. Please join us as PBT explores new ways to connect through ballet and bring the beauty and magic of dance to our community.

PBT Dances from Home

PBT’s company dancers may not be on the stage or in the studio right now, …

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Dance the Story at Home!

Explore movement and dance at home using a beloved children’s book or ballet story! Join …

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PBT Connects

Deepen your ballet experience and discuss the show with our artistic director, dancers and visiting …

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Community Division Classes

Whether you’re just starting out or nurturing a lifelong love for dance, drop in for …

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