Grand Assemblé en Tournant

PBT Comes Together, Turning to New Forms of Connection

Ballet is not meant solely for the stage. Dance is meant to be shared, and in this time of great change, it’s dance that can bring us all together. In ballet, a “grand assemblé en tournant” is a spectacular step that unites “assemblé,” or joining together, with a grand turn in the air. In this extraordinary time, we are still able to come together, turning to new forms of connection to share the power of our art. Please join us as PBT explores new ways to connect through ballet and bring the beauty and magic of dance to our community.

Talks with Terry

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre brings the beauty of ballet into your home with the premier of Talks with Terry, an in-depth look at the famed love triangle at the center of Giselle, featuring performance clips and commentary from Artistic Director Terrence S. Orr and members of the cast of Highmark presents Giselle with the PBT Orchestra.

The PBT Company

PBT’s company dancers may not be on the stage or in the studio right now, but they’re still dancing. See how the company creates dance in their homes and stay tuned for more opportunities to take a peek behind the scenes and into the lives of professional dancers.

Explore more from the PBT company in our photo galleries, dancer bios, repertoire and blog.

PBT School

Community Division

Missing your favorite dance and fitness classes from PBT School? To help you stay fit, happy and healthy, PBT School Community Division classes have gone online! Tune in to Instagram live on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. for Beginner Ballet and PBT School’s Facebook page on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for a live Contemporary class accompanied by live music.

Looking for more? With more than 14 live-stream classes per week, you can find your favorite PBT School Community Division classes on Zoom while the studios are closed. Join the nearly 800 people who have danced with us online in the past two weeks! Sign up on the MindBody app for details.

Community Division Schedule

PBT School also offers online guided private instruction from certified instructors through carefully crafted, unique exercises. For pricing information and to schedule an online private session, contact Dance and Fitness Programs Manager Kristy Boyle at

Children’s – Pre-Professional Division

PBT School has transformed the ballet training experience during the period of in-class suspension. Digital educational content, featuring original instructional videos and enhanced learning materials, has been created and assembled by way of 13 level-specific sites for our Children’s, Student and Pre-professional Divisions. More than 30 weekly live online classes are offered to continue to expand our students’ experience and knowledge of ballet. PBT School remains steadfast– even in these unprecedented times– to the commitment of providing exemplary ballet education.

PBT School on Facebook

PBT Education

The PBT Education Department is excited to bring dance education programs into your home! Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m., join us on Facebook for Dance the Story. Learn basic ballet steps, read a story and dance along. Keep your eyes open for more creative ways to dance and learn at home and visit the Education page for extra activities for kids and caregivers.

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