Join us for Bridges!

a class providing a bridge to ballet training at PBT School

PBT’s Bridges class is a training program that nurtures creativity and love of movement, and gives students and families the opportunity to closely experience the ballet art form. Talented students are selected from the PBT Education Department’s community programs at area schools, Boys and Girls clubs, and Hope Academy for the Arts for training at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School. There is no charge for the program. 

The Bridges curriculum is condensed and accelerated so that students who may have no previous ballet experience receive thorough training in movement fundamentals, studio etiquette and more. The class prepares students for PBT’s Community Youth Scholarship audition, a need-based program that provides cost-free training at PBT School. It also provides a foundation of experience and knowledge that prepares students for a variety of dance opportunities outside of PBT or in the future.

Classes start in Spring of 2023!

Check back for more information and registration!