Education Improvement Tax Credit

Qualified Innovative Educational Programs


Through EITC approved programs, organizations such as PBT bring artists into classrooms and provide opportunities for children to engage in experiential arts education. PBT’s In-Step and Creative Movement Residency programs have been qualified as eligible to receive EITC funds since the program began in 2001.

Reaches across 14 counties in Western Pennsylvania to provide children with the critical skills necessary for academic achievement through a comprehensive arts education program. Children engage in the arts not only through attendance at a performance, but also through classroom integrated programs that provide them with a hands-on ballet experience. Through this multi-faceted program, schools are offered materials and classroom programs that enable them to fuse the arts into the classroom curriculum.

    • RESOURCE GUIDESComplementary instructional materials feature interdisciplinary learning activities that assist teachers with the integration of the arts into their curriculum. Topics include a description of the ballet students will be seeing, the historical context of the music, interviews with artists, the history of classical ballet and a look at the backstage elements of a ballet production. The handbooks also aid teachers in facilitating an aesthetic dialogue amongst their students in regards to movement qualities and an educational analysis of performances.


    • CLASSROOM PROGRAMThrough an in-classroom preparatory lesson, students learn about ballet through an interactive program. Professional faculty and students of the PBT School lead children in creative movement exercises that enable them to experience the discipline of dance and to engage in a dialogue about ballet. Children are also given the opportunity to get an up-close look at pointe shoes, ballet costumes and other aspects of a dancer's performance. In schools with facilities that can accommodate it, PBT School students present a small performance of ballet repertoire.


  • MAIN STAGE PERFORMANCE: Paired with the classroom programs, student matinee performances further enhance the integration of arts education into the school curriculum. Schools are extended steeply discounted ticket offers for mid-day performances that include special pre-curtain and intermission educational segments with Artistic Director, Terrence S. Orr. Such segments may include watching set changes and lighting checks, costume and/or prop displays, or discussion of musical elements.

During PBT's 2011/2012 season, 78 schools received resource guides, 1,400 students were reached through the classroom programs, and 3,700 students experienced a matinee performance. PBT’s 2012/2013 season will offer In-Step for two of our main stage productions: The Nutcracker (December 2012), and Cinderella (April 2013).

PBT partners with the Pittsburgh Public Schools to provide a ballet-based, in-classroom curriculum to students. Creative Movement encourages imagination and creative exploration through movement exercises. Classroom teachers and a dedicated PBT Creative Movement teacher provide students in Grades 1 and 2 with an in-class, nine-week curriculum. Children in Grade 1 learn movement literacy, locomotive versatility, body alignment, spatial levels and orientation, and rhythm. Students in Grade 2 are introduced to the fundamentals of pre-ballet. In grade 3, students participate in PBT’s In-Step program. The Creative Movement Residency Program improves student coordination, movement, and athleticism, enhances self-esteem, and increases students' appreciation and knowledge of music and dance.

The Creative Movement Residency Program reached a total of 375 first and second grade students at Schaeffer Elementary School, Liberty International Studies and Spring Hill Elementary during the 2011/2012 school year. The Pittsburgh Public Schools have sought in recent years to develop a sequential arts education curriculum throughout all schools, with programs that begin in early childhood classrooms.  The District formed an Early Childhood Advisory Committee, under the direction of Linda Ehlrich, Pre-Kindergarten Integrated Arts Coordinator, which sought the expertise of arts organizations such as PBT to develop this curriculum.  Through this partnership, PBT refined the Creative Movement Residency to develop a preschool component.  The program has grown to reach more than 480 preschool children during the 2011/2012 season. 

For more information regarding EITC contributions, please contact The Development Office at 412-454-9127.