Pre-Professional Division Tuition

Fall/Spring 2016-17 Pre-Professional Tuition

Tuition at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School is designed to be reasonable and similar to other dance programs. It may be paid in full or in payments according to the payment schedule listed below. Automatic credit card deduction is an option, which permits an automatic credit card charge based on the installment plan chosen. Check the applicable box on the registration form.

Pro-rated tuition will go into effect as of October 1. Please contact the School Office at 412-281-6727 for a proper tuition quote after this date.

Class/LevelDue Upon RegistrationAnnual TuitionDue Aug 31Due Dec 1Due Mar 1
Level VI$500$4,173$1,391$1,391$1,391
Level VI w/ Rep Class$500$4,809$1,603$1,603$1,603
High School, Part-Time$500$4,308$1,436$1,436$1,436
High School, Full-Time$500$5,937$1,979$1,979$1,979
Graduate Level$500$5,067$1,689$1689$1,689