Adult Open Division Schedule

Open Adult Division Schedule 2013/2014

Beginning Ballet  6:30–8:00p 6:30–8:00p  
Beginning/Intermediate Ballet6:15–7:45p   6:15–7:45p 
Beginning Pointe*    7:45–8:15p 
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet6:15-7:45p9:30-11:00a6:15-7:45p9:30-11:00a  
Advanced Ballet     10:30a–12:00p
Pilates Mat Intermediate/Advanced     9:00–10:00a*
Adult Contemporary Dance^   6:30-7:30p   

*Approval from instructor required for this class

^Our Adult Contemporary Dance Class on Friday nights has been cancelled. We encourage all to attend the Wednesday night Adult Contemporary Class.

Please contact the PBT School office at 412-281-6727 for more information.