The Perfect Fit: Principals Share Secrets to Pointe Shoe Prep

Principals Share Secrets to Pointe Shoe Prep

Dancer: JoAnna Schmidt | Photo: Aimee DiAndrea  

Artist Spotlight: Alejandro Diaz

Above: Alejandro Diaz (in rehearsal) will transform into one of the stepsisters (right) for PBT's production of

PBT Advances School Expansion Plan this Spring

Since launching the PBT School Expansion Plan in 2009, PBT has marked major milestones from the opening of PBT’s first student dormitory to the addition of new sprung studio floors and an expanded reception area at the PBT Studios. This spring, PBT will advance the next phase of the plan with a project to improve safety and increase campus parking for students, dancers and visitors.

PBT School Student Advances to Final Round of Youth America Grand Prix

Sophie Silnicki Places among Top Competitors at Semi-Finals of International Student Ballet Competition

After receiving multiple awards at the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) semifinals this weekend, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School student Sophie Silnicki, 16, will advance to the final round of the international student ballet competition from April 12-17, in New York City.

PBT School Students Mark Milestone with First Pointe Shoe Fitting

For a professional ballerina, it’s not uncommon to dance through multiple pairs of pointe shoes in just one rehearsal week.  But for most female dancers, their first pair of pointe shoes is one set that they’ll always remember.

PBT Musician Advances to Final Audition Round for American Music Abroad

Although PBT School pianist Ellen Gozion is well-known at PBT for her classical accompaniment, she will travel to New York City this month for a major musical accomplishment of a completely different genre – American folk music.

PBT's Danielle Downey Stays on Pointe for the Cancan

Swishing skirts, high-kicking choreography…and the rond de jambe? Surprisingly, the chorus line staple, the Cancan, incorporates classical ballet influences from the quick circles of the lower leg to the flying splits of the grande ecart. Today, all Moulin Rouge® performers must bring a solid base in classical ballet training. PBT dancer Danielle Downey offers her take on staying on pointe for Moulin Rouge®  – The Ballet.

By Danielle Downey