PBT School's Graduating Seniors Take Ballet Beyond High School

For the full-time high school students of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School, the school day differs from the typical morning to afternoon academics and evening extra-curriculars.  With a full-day medley of studio and school work, PBT School’s high school students have learned to apply a ballet dancer’s poise to balancing both academic and artistic training.

Here, PBT School graduating seniors Ellie Morris, Carolyn Meder and Will Robichaud reflect on dancing through high school and integrating ballet into their post-graduate plans.

Artist Spotlight: A Postcard from Julia Erickson

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From Top to Bottom:

Artist Spotlight: Diana Yohe

PBT's Newest Dancer

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre to Premiere First-Ever Autism Friendly Performance of The Nutcracker

The autism-friendly performance will take place at 2 p.m. Friday, December 27, 2013.

PBT Honors Dr. Freddie Fu, UPMC Sports Medicine for 30 Years of Support

This month, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre will honor Dr.  Freddie H.

The Perfect Fit: Alexandra Kochis' Pointe Shoe Process


 A dazzling pointe shoe takes the place of the traditional glass slipper when PBT’s Prince searches fair and wide for his perfect match. Even outside the fairytale, finding the perfect pointe shoe fit is a Cinderella story unto itself  in the reality of a professional ballerina. 

The Perfect Fit: Principals Share Secrets to Pointe Shoe Prep

Principals Share Secrets to Pointe Shoe Prep

Dancer: JoAnna Schmidt | Photo: Aimee DiAndrea  

Artist Spotlight: Alejandro Diaz

Above: Alejandro Diaz (in rehearsal) will transform into one of the stepsisters (right) for PBT's production of