Dance Hall of Fame Gets Wilde

Former PBT Artistic Director Inducted by National Museum of Dance

Sharing company with the likes of George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins, Patricia Wilde will become the National Museum of Dance’s 56th Hall of Fame inductee on Aug. 13, in Saratoga Springs, New York.

In the words of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s former artistic director, “You climb mountains and suddenly you’re there.”

10 Stunning Summer Dance Shots

Our words to live by? Dance where and when the spirit takes you. If you’re a professional ballet dancer on summer break, it’s only natural to seize a searing sunset or a pristine patch of sand to snap a spontaneous pose.

5 Faces of Intensive Summer Program

What Brought Them to Pittsburgh; What They Plan to Take Away

Deepika Wilson, 19
Seattle, Washington

5 Faces of Intensive Summer Program

What Brought hem to Pittsburgh; What They Hope to Take Away

Deepika Wilson, 19
Seattle, Washington

Artist Spotlight: Daniela Moya

Get to Know One of PBT's Newest Dancers

Fresh from high school, Daniela Moya moved to the states five years ago to join Joffrey Ballet’s trainee program and move a step closer to her dreams of a professional ballet career. She joined PBT School’s Graduate Program in 2013 and since then joined the company on the Benedum stage for performances, including La Bayadère, The Nutcracker and Le Corsaire. Next time she takes the stage, it will be as a company member. Read on to get to know Daniela!

Fun Facts

Byham Center for Dance Sneak Peek: Take a Virtual Hard Hat Tour

When you pass PBT Studios in the Strip District this fall, look up. You might spot a ballet dancer or two. You might even get a peek at PBT’s next production. Better yet, you might decide to venture inside to try a ballet class of your own.

Beyond letting in natural light, and offering a sweeping view of PBT’s Strip District neighborhood, PBT wants the dance to be more visible from the street. And the company wants community members to know about the resources available to them inside.

Building a Ballet: Behind the Scenes of Giselle

Step in the PBT Costume Shop

Reams of gossamer tulles, textured brocades and airy silks line the walls. A tower of tutus flanks the door. Bolts of trim form a kaleidoscope of color. Bins of Swarovski crystals catch the light.

The work done here in the PBT Costume Shop is art unto itself. These costumes don’t just clothe the dancers – they add their own movement to the dance.

Why 'Serenade' Was Made for Students

This weekend, PBT School graduate students perform Balanchine’s sweeping Serenade – his first original ballet in America and a New York City Ballet signature to this day. Many love it above all his works, but few know students comprised the original cast.

During the creation of this work, unexpected rehearsal antics would take on profound effect. Balanchine originally choreographed Serenade in 1934 for students of the School of American Ballet in New York, soon after his arrival in America.

Dancer by Day, Pitt Student by Night

A Day in the Life of PBT School's Annie Martin

The schedule of a full-time student dancer can rival that of a 9-5 job. Annie Martin, a Lubbock, Texas, native, often needs to be in two places at once. She spends about 40 hours a week at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (PBT) and is taking a full 12-credit course load as an English major at the University of Pittsburgh. A recent Tuesday found Martin prepping for roles in PBT School’s spring performances and finishing up final exams. Her passion for storytelling is what gives Martin momentum and inspires her to dance and learn full-time.