Create Your Corps


Are you a trendsetter?  How would you like a 20% discount for you, your friends, family and coworkers while never having to collect money?  If you can bring at least 10 people to see a show, Create Your Corps is for you!  For more information, please contact our Group Sales Department at 412.454.9101 or


Create Your Corp Is Easy:

  • Choose a few dates that work for your group.  Let us know what you pick, and we’ll send you a unique promo code 
  • Tell your friends, family, coworkers, congregation, - whoever you would like to Create Your Corps!  They’ll each use your code to save 20% on the days you picked.  
  • To Create You Corps, use our order form and we’ll have your code ready within one business day.  You can also call our Group Sales Department at 412.454.9101 or for more information.
  • In addition to saving 20% on your tickets, you’ll also earn a free ticket to a future Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre show once your Corps reaches 15 people.

Create Your Corps Now

Please note: Create Your Corps tickets must be purchased online and Corps are not necessarily seated together. There is a $25 setup fee for the Corps organizer which is waived when the Corps reaches the ten-person minimum. Tickets are subject to availability.

Need to make sure everyone sits together?  Contact our Group Sales Department at 412.454.9101 or