PBT School Scholarships

Youth auditioning at 2013 Youth Scholarship auditions

Come dance with us! 

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School and Education Department launched a youth scholarship program for children ages 5-8 in 2013. We are committed to including everyone from our greater Pittsburgh community and beyond in the positive beauty, discipline, and creation of dance. We strive to make PBT, our school, and our art accessible to talented and committed students and families!

Since 2013, over 80 children have auditioned since, and a grand total of 21 scholarships to PBTS have been awarded to talented, passionate youth from varied socioeconomic backgrounds! 

In September 2014, PBT was thrilled to become an official partner company with American Ballet Theatre's Project Plié, a comprehensive initiative to increase racial and ethnic representation in ballet and diversify America’s ballet companies. Project Plié seeks to combine training and support of ballet students from communities previously underrepresented in American ballet companies with the creation of a nationwide network of partner professional ballet companies who are committed to diversity. In addition, Project Plié will include a new partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to introduce participants to ballet and identify children for future training. To learn more about Project Plié, click here


PBT School holds an annual community audition in May or June of each year. Check back in the Spring of 2015 for more information about the audition!

Where are the children from who come to the audition?

Many children attend the audition because they are in a school or community site that has been served by a program from our Education Department, while others heard about the audition from a friend, their church, or social media. See the interactive map below to see where our auditioners traveled from (the number in paranetheses is the number of children who attended from that zip code).

How does a child qualify for a scholarship?

First and foremost, the child needs to show talent and passion for dance. The student also needs to demonstrate financial need by qualifying for the federal Free and Reduced Lunch program. We realize, however, that the Free and Reduced Lunch program may not accurately represent a family's financial situation. We welcome students to audition who do not qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program if we have spots remaining at the audition; however, these students, if selected, may not automatically receive a full scholarship, and their scholarship is awarded once financial aid paperwork is submitted and reviewed. 

What if I have a question about the youth scholarship program?

Please read our Frequently Asked Question document (download here) or call 412-454-9105 for more information. 

For more information on PBT School's Children's Division Tuition, click here.

The PBT School Youth Scholarship program is generously funded by an endowment fund from the Ladies Hospital Aid Society, Sandy and Bill Lambert, and several individual donors.